College Recruiting Videos

In today's day and age, the college recruiting video is necessary for any athlete looking to play at the next level. With technology enabling anyone to shoot a video simply using their phone, college coaches are inundated daily with videos of prospective players for their university. 

How do you stand out from the crowd? 

It is vital that your college recruiting video contain exactly what college coaches are looking for, in a concise and clear manner. We've teamed up with various college coaches at all levels to determine exactly what should be in a college recruiting video, as well as it's optimal length and format to ensure that coaches take your video seriously. 

Additionally, we have partnered with a professional videography company to produce first-class recruiting videos for you to distribute to colleges of your choice. Every recruiting video produced will include: 

-professional quality video

-simplistic, progressive format showcasing your hitting, defensive, or pitching skills.

-video overlay of name, class, HS and any applicable achievements that may help (we'll guide you through this part). 



2-Way Player- $299

Pitcher- $249

Position Player- $249