Meghan Vitti

Meg Vitti Power Arm Ramsey Softball Training

Meghan Vitti


Meghan has 15yrs experience in the strength training industry and has worked with clientele of all athletic abilities. Meg's expertise is focused on the sport-specific athletic development of Power Arm's softball athletes, in addition to her athletic recovery programs for all athletes. 

Being an ex-soccer player, she has dedicated 12 of her 15yrs of experience to developing a more functional athlete. This is done by focusing on the muscular balance and body control of her clients and not just the weights being moved. Learning this type of control will allow strength to develop properly throughout their entire body.

In addition to providing customized programming for her individual and team athletes, Meghan works with SJR Wrestling as a Recovery specialist as well as a strength coach for the team. She also runs the Recovery program for the Ramapo girls’ soccer program. Recovery is a program Meghan started 8yrs ago with BC wrestling. It is an injury prevention program that teaches athletes how to properly take care before and recover their bodies after games and practices.

Meg is available for all of our softball athletes in the form of private training, memberships, and group/team training.