Mike Hoban

Mike Hoban Power Arm Ramsey Director of Sports Performance

Mike Hoban serves as one of Power Arm Strength's Lead Sports Performance Trainers. Mike is a strength and conditioning coach with 20 plus years’ experience in the health and fitness industry. He attended William Paterson University in Wayne New Jersey, where he graduated with his degree in Exercise Physiology.  

During his tenure as a professional strength and conditioning coach, Mike has developed an expertise in helping baseball/softball players achieve their physical strength and conditioning goals. His individualized, sport-specific programming has assisted numerous baseball/softball athletes achieve college scholarships, as well as play professionally. 

Mike’s “in the trenches” work experience has allowed him to sharpen his skills as a trainer and strength coach. He has worked with thousands of clients ranging from high level professional athletes to your weekend warriors. No matter who Mike is working with, he always approaches his work with great passion and a deep desire to help his clients improve and succeed.

In addition to Mike's background in strength and conditioning, he is also well versed in a variety of therapies.  Mike is well trained and educated in the techniques of Trigenics, In-Balance/Neuro Target, and various other forms of muscular activation and treatments.  Mike utilizes the techniques from both worlds to help his clients reach their optimum performance level, no matter what the activity.